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It’s almost story time…

May 25, 2011

Soon I’d like to have an ongoing story for this site. I have multiple stories to share so I’ll pick the best and let it out in little bursts, like a comic book. I’d like to include an illustration too. Generally they are inspired by dreams, which are somewhat along the vein of the Twilight Zone.

The dreams tend to be on the strange side. Even last night I dreamed of melted objects in my bag, an entire roof leaking through all ceilings like a giant rain forest, and talking to the unspeakable objects that animated and shooting razors. It was nice to awake and find it all false. I’m not a fan of ruin at the moment. Other dreams were of fantastic aliens, undiscovered creatures in long hibernation, times and lands on far off planets, human behavior and curiosities of nature. Sometimes it is a relief that things only exist in imagination.

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