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By day I’m a web designer. By night, I’m a painter, writer, novice comedian, music lover and creative enthusiast.

I’ve been drawing since the age of three or four.  I used to dream of becoming an fine artist.  Unfortunately, pickyness and perfection have kept me from showing very much to other people. I started this project as a stage to share drawings, paintings, poetry, scary stories, and all the other craziness that comes to mind.

Since December, I’ve been drawing a Doodle-a-day. I want to do at least one small sketch or drawing everyday. To make this less intimidating, I’m using Post-Its for most of them. They are small and well stocked at my place from Christmas. So, there are Post-It’s in my purse, on the desk, and everywhere else.  I’ll post one once in a while although they are pretty rough.

Here, the goal is to share even if it’s not perfect.


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