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Five Tentacle Gobaw Doodle-a-day

Here is a five tentacle gobaw. What is it?  Beats me. I think it lives in the sea.

five tentacle gobaw

"I don't know what I am." (Ballpoint on 4" Post-It)


Alien Environment Doodle-a-day

An alien in the grass, what is that about? Call the army, call the navy! Or perhaps we are somewhere we don’t belong?

alien in woods

What's this guy? Alien in the woods? (Ballpoint on 4" Post-It)

Lizard Dream Doodle-a-day

I dreamed of lizards, they were pocket sized pets. They were like a tiny dinosaur toy breed. So domesticated that they clung to the back of the sofa as a house cat would.

lizard dream

pet lizards from the dream (Ballpoint on Post-It)

Steampunk Doodle-a-day

Here’s a little doodle from earlier this week that shows some Steam Punk inspired looks. It’s part of the effort to show drawings, no matter how rough.

Steam punk ideas

Post-It doodle-a-day of Steam Punk Looks

Breaking News: Snowmageddon Has Arrived!

This will be the most enormous snow storm to hit Seattle in February since 1989. They forecast 1-3 inches of the white stuff. Our city cannot handle such a large amount.

In preparation, schools around the area closed before the first flake fell. Public buses are already suited up with chains. Large dark clouds surround us. The water is rough and black with the tense winds. Very soon all businesses will tightly board up their doors. Commerce will nearly cease.  I’m not sure how much longer I can maintain communication with the rest of you in the outside world. Electric power and heat will soon fizzle in and out. Chaos will commence as our city falls into helplessness of pizza delivery drivers and over-taxed Netflix accounts.

We are indeed doomed.

Games, to obsess or not;

Games are the bane of my existence.

Everybody has weaknesses. Mine range from being too passive to letting my vises affect my decisions. One weakness cultivates internal struggle for years. It inhibits my social life. It distracts from artistic goals. What is it? Electronic games! I like them all: solitaire, shooting games, role playing games, strategy games, racing games and more. The urge dissipates the less I am exposed to such media but occasionally I relapse. I become obsessed. If a game captures my attention, there is no coming out. It doesn’t not matter if the game is simple or if it is as complex as an entire universe, it will constantly be on my mind.

The start of this was probably board games and elaborate role playing on the playground. It taught me to crave this type of interaction. Since my parents refused to let us have a console in the house, my neighbor would invite my sister and I over to play Super Nintendo. We quested Super Mario through the hot pyramids, ice worlds, and Read more…

Goings on…

Hello All,

I’ve been keeping busy lately with some web projects (experimenting with Joomla), doing a doodle-a-day (or more) on Post-Its,  and going on adventures around town.  As soon as I’m done working on my current project, I’d like to make a custom site for this blog with it’s own Joomla template. The Doodle-a-day project has been going on since December. The point is to do a small drawing at least once a day. Right now, there are Post-Its in my purse, on the desk, ect. I had some strange dreams over the weekend that will provide plenty of visual Read more…

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