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Jolene from KISW Seattle the Rock Radio’s birthday present

I was asked to do a sculpture of a local radio host. Jolene from KISW, the Rock, helps local Seattle bands by playing them on Live & Local and coming out to shows.

It’s made from Super Sculpty and acrylic paint, about 6″ tall.

Jolene from KISW in Super Sculpty

It's mini Jolene.

Close up of Jolene from KISW in Super Sculpty

Jolene's close up


It’s almost story time…

Soon I’d like to have an ongoing story for this site. I have multiple stories to share so I’ll pick the best and let it out in little bursts, like a comic book. I’d like to include an illustration too. Generally they are inspired by dreams, which are somewhat along the vein of the Twilight Zone.

The dreams tend to be on the strange side. Even last night I dreamed of melted objects in my bag, an entire roof leaking through all ceilings like a giant rain forest, and talking to the unspeakable objects that animated and shooting razors. It was nice to awake and find it all false. I’m not a fan of ruin at the moment. Other dreams were of fantastic aliens, undiscovered creatures in long hibernation, times and lands on far off planets, human behavior and curiosities of nature. Sometimes it is a relief that things only exist in imagination.

Signing off,


Book Review – A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire: Book One, by George R.R. Martin

A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire: Book One is not simply one tale but many tied together in a  complex world.  Honor still exists, though not embraced by all. The book shifts focus between the character  by using a different person as the perspective every chapter. The chapters often end with an exciting twist, new information revealed, and you must wait several suspenseful chapters to learn what happens next in that storyline. With many details characters, their clothing, and weaponry are described. The world is similar to earth in language and culture, yet perhaps different seasonally. The world hosts its own set of terms and slang, although the meanings are easy to pick up.

The book starts off in a relatively calm peaceful world that doesn’t let on to the turmoil soon to come.  No wars in the beginning, just greed and ambition. Soon however, secrets are revealed; no punches are thrown as even important characters can meet their brutal demise at any time.  Violence is not held back. This book is directed Read more…

Troublemakers 2X

I am the one your mother warned you about.

Why are we such trouble when we are out?

We flee happily with no cares.

Giggling at everything, gathering stares.

No trite pretensions will rule us,

On to things most adventurous,

We disgust others when we are bored.

Ha! I don’t care, they will be ignored.

Then it’s time to go and say goodbye,

Our bed is calling its sweet lullaby.

Fools we be by the end of the night,

In the morning we wake, Oh what a sight!

Does that stop our fun, our plans for more?

Not even the worst headache or body sore.

Looking forward to our next escape, my dear,

It will be awesome as long as you’re near.

Acryllic Painting of Under Sea Cave

I painted this for my sister’s birthday. She wanted something to represent water.  I had an idea for a cave beneath the sea with light coming in. If you look closely at the rocks, there are some hidden shapes.

Underwater Cave (2010 Acryllic on canvas)

Fasc-EYE-nation – Colored Pencil Eye

I’ve always been fascinated with painting and drawing eyes. This was created a year ago and became an official part of my body last summer, thanks to Chani Murat (  I sketched it in pencil, scanned it, then colored a copy with colored pencil.


Surprize Eye (Colored Pencil, 2010)













The end result was this:

final eye art

final eye art

The tattoo turned out great. Thank, Chani!

Arthropod Doodle-a-Day

Hard on the outside, perhaps delicious in the middle, this creature is happiest in the sea.


Creature of the Sea (pencil on paper, 2003)

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